Paragraph from New Story


Howdy. 你好. Aloha. (I don’t know.) Today, instead of a poem, I’m posting the first paragraph from a story I’ve been working on for the last few days (It’s already well over twice as long as Tourette’s!!). Hope you enjoy!


Blue eyes pierce pitch black with sharp voices singing of death. Bright, red, oxygenated blood is ripped from bulging arteries, simultaneously contrasting and complementing the icy blue-white which emanates from his frozen heart. It never pumped, but could imitate warmth with frightening sincerity; its blood was drained long ago and with glinting knives it painted murderous murals on walls of death seen through ink-filled irises. He holds a scalpel which incises hellish symbols with careful precision as his artful hands curve to and fro in tune with evil yet exciting symphonies. The rhythm is dark but undeniably beautiful. The ends of his mouth curl up with subtle promises of doom and show the world a mask veiling burning brilliance well beyond the shallow grasp of society.


Strip Mining the Muse


Strip mining the muse.pngHELLO to all my oddball friends! Today I want to give you all some information about this really cool newsletter another blog is starting (Bums Wear Diamonds).

Strip Mining the Muse is a free, daily newsletter that sends emails with mini-lessons about the writing process and being a writer. It’s designed to help you find inspiration and remind you to always keep writing. It is also a way to advertise and reach the audience you want for your books and/or magazine (or whatever else you have. Idk!).

It’s an amazing newsletter to follow and support (so do it)!



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Sign up for Strip Mining the Muse here.

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I hope some of you will consider supporting! (If you don’t, I’ll be MAD. Okay, maybe not MAD, but like I’ll definitely be sad. If you do, I’ll send you a virtual hug with the small price of your SSN.)

Poetry: Hull



The ship’s hull is broken–

cracked and torn and worn.

At bleak day war had awoken

and to dark death it had sworn

endless binding servitude

and of shades of dismay a multitude.


What once was a ruthless battleship

armed with 50 cal guns

is now the place or worship

for charred and evil nuns

which pray to Death in all His glory,

signing their names in the back of His story.


In better times it fought at night

and the day gleamed on its wondrous face,

but now it has long ceased to fight

and sits alone, rotting, turning to waste.

The ship’s hull was once a beauty

but now no longer fulfills its duty

and to Death it now owes its life

despite the promised endless strife.


Post Update


Hello hello hello… So I seem to be running out of time here. With my reading list, school, and cybersecurity team commitments ganging up on me, I’ve struggled to keep up with writing poetry for this site. I have decided that from now on I am going to stop posting on Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays, which means posts will be about every other day: Mondays (regular poems), Tuesdays (haikus), Thursdays (random posts), and Sundays (short stories/prose).

Well that was a short update. Here’s a picture of kittens to make the post seem longer:


Also just a reminder that everyone should buy my book (HERE). I’ll send you a virtual hug if you do (for an extra fee of $8.99).

Poetry: Ink



A pen hits the surface of an ocean

with its leaking point.

Ink bleeds into the water,

piercing blue reflections with solid black.

Illness creeps on its skin

then courses through the ocean’s veins

in wisps, plaguing the once-clean waters

like oil, suffocating the organisms

that live within it.