4 things to do when you’re bored in class


First of all, try to pay attention. Duh. But sometimes it can be really tough to pay attention in class, especially if you already know everything so it’s no use to pay attention. Or, if you’re totally confused, it can actually help to do something else that might help you (for some of these suggestions, at least; others… not so much, so try to pay attention first, of course).

Top 5 things to do when you're bored in class1) Write a poem

When I do this, I tend to write about whatever class I’m in because it’s usually pretty fun and it helps me still pay attention, but you can really pick anything (especially if you’re bored because you know everything). I would suggest that if you’re not going to write about the class is to look around and write about some random object in the room. It makes it funny to write so you’ll be amused both while you’re writing the poem and afterwards if you read it again. You can also just ask your neighbor for a random topic!

2) Write down song lyrics

This is more of a strategy for time consumption. If you’ve got a lot of time to waste and nothing to do, write down song lyrics. It’s a pretty good strategy for wasting time and amusing yourself by thinking of the song. I usually do raps because they have a lot of words so they take longer.

3) Do your homework for that class or other classes

Most people already try to do this, but sometimes it’s not possible. Just remember that it’s a good option if you’re way ahead of the game and want to have more time later in the day to do whatever you want instead of boring homework.

4) Draw a picture

Even if you can’t draw, this can be fun. Draw your teacher, the person sitting next to you, or an object somewhere in the classroom. If you’re actually a good drawer, you probably already draw during class and I’m sure you can come up with plenty of more interesting things to draw, but for those of us that can’t draw well, we have to amuse ourselves by drawing the things around us and laughing at how bad the drawings are.

Of course, you should always try to pay attention during class, and I’m not saying you should do these things in every class, but sometimes you just have one of those days… you can’t focus even if you try, and it may help to focus if you do something else for a few minutes (like write a quick poem or draw a picture) and then resume paying attention. Either way, hope you enjoyed this list! Let me know if you have any suggestions for future content!


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